Are the eyes and minds of (some) Millennials beginning to open?

A very interesting article from American thinker.

Included was this video .

And this video is not the only example. There are other “red pill” stories to see on You Tube .  For now, possibly.

The “Antifa” movement may perhaps be the best thing to happen to conservatism.  They take the position that you are either with them 100%  or else your a racist, homophobe, misogynist, non-person who deserves to have the shit kick out you.

People who consider themselves “Liberal” should take note.

First they came for the Trump supporters (ugh) But I wasn’t a Trump supporter.

Then they came for the “conservatives” (yuck) but I wasn’t a conservative.

Then they came for the “Christians” but I considered myself “enlightened”

Then they came for the “Constitution”, but I considered it antiquated, written by white slave owners.

Then they came for me…