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Today is Martin Luther King day!

Dr. Martin Luther King is an embarrassment to the radical left today.

Dr. Martin Luther King is an embarrassment to the race baiters.

 the last thing the left wants is racial harmony.

What Martin Luther King stood for is anathema to left today.

Because everything is racist now.

Martin Luther Kings dream will be sent to the dustbin of history.

Just remember “white people” ,everything and anything you do is “Racist“.

An addendum to yesterday’s post

From the Washington Times.

‘Gender  studies coordinator denounces ‘logic of meritocracy’, as fundamentally ‘racist’

Yes, just where are the “Pussy Hats” now.

Remember scenes like this during President Trumps inauguration.

Mother to daughter: Remember honey,  we’re fighting for our right to suck unwanted babies from our wombs. Consider yourself lucky.

This was of course a protest against the election of Donald Trump.

Back in January, thousands of women gathered in major cities to express their anger toward newly sworn-in President Donald Trump. Among their many complaints was that Trump had been accused of sexual impropriety, and that the nation had elected a man who once referred to “grabbing” women “by the pussy.”

Of  course this was before this ardent supporter of women’s rights, a huge monetary backer of Hillary Clinton and progressive causes made national headlines as a sexual predator that everyone in Hollywood apparently knew about for a very long time.

And from that the floodgates opened.

Now we have the current protests In Iran.

So where are the Pussy hats now?


Paul Joseph Watson can explain it much better then me. 



American feminist with their “pussy hats” march in complete safety with the total approval of western media.

Sorry Iranian women. Trump backs your protest. which means we can’t. So put that hajib back on and like it.

Some year end stories from the local partisan press

Dec.27th Marijuana voted top Vt. story

“A friend with weed is a friend indeed “

Dec. 28th Vt. opioid deaths up nearly 160 percent

Was the opioid crises this bad before Obamacare?

Dec. 28th Vt. health mandate considered

You will be one with the collective.

I think we should definitely look at it. Just the basics of insurance say that if only the people who are going to put in an insurance claim are the ones who buy insurance then insurance rates will have to go way up,” said Ayer. “So it makes sense that we need to look at who isn’t signing up and why.”

Al Gobeille is the secretary of the Agency of Human Services. He shares the concern of the legislative leaders and he plans to monitor this situation very closely this winter.

“ This is one of those conversations where again the devil lives in the details — exactly what would it be, how would it work, and what would be the scenario if we didn’t do it, meaning is there is a really good reason to do it?” said Gobeille. “ That would have to be measured and weighed.”

And if it turns out that a number of Vermonters do drop their coverage, Gobeille said the Scott administration will consider backing a state individual mandate.

Having health insurance is a good idea. So good that it must be made MANDETORY!

Dec. 28th   Vt. economic outlook bleak without changes

Vermont will soon mandate that life must be fair

“To get the trend lines moving in the right direction, we need to flip our thinking,” Cillo said. “We need to start with the premise that addressing the needs of workers and families is the way to a stronger economy, not than the other way around.” 

Cillo said the root cause of economic failure on state and individual levels was an economic model that was unfair, unjust and needs to be radically amended. 

“Income inequality dampens economic growth, reduces upward mobility and increases poverty,” Cillo said. “We can increase affordable child care, ensure a higher minimum wage, and reduce barriers to education and employment. Addressing the problems documented in this report will improve life for all Vermonters.” 

Our legislature should look to Venezuela for inspiration.

Vermont is screwed.

Comrades Bernie and de Blasio cruise the underground

Well, we still have a ways to go before we can catch up to California.

Veterans day 2017

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 1918.

The war to end all wars. Unfortunately for the 20th century things were just getting warmed up.

Thank You Veterans

And for my Mother.

There are over 2 million female vets in the USA

Thank you! Hopefully we now have a Commander-in-Chief who will be worthy of you.

Sexual harassment then and now.

What a difference 20-25 years makes.  Ever since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke wide open, in the New York times no less, otherwise the libs wouldn’t have believed it, despite the fact that ‘practically everyone’ in Hollywood knew about it…for a long time.

And this has opened the floodgates.


And then there’s Mark Halperin.

Here’s what El Rusbo had to say.

Well we remember way back in the 20th century things were quite different. Of course if you were a Republican, conservative, Christian,  or clergymen and were caught in behavior like this you were metaphorically nailed to the cross.

But if you were a  liberal democrat in the last century especially if your name was Ted Kennedy, and your commitment in protecting abortion rights made you a feminist  superstar. With women it made you a powerful, powerful  man, and face it, women are attracted to powerful men. A few I’m sure were more then willing, perhaps considering it a duty and a privilege. Many I’m also sure were not so willing.  Remember the waitress sandwich. And what about Mary Jo Kopechne, Left to die in a tidal pool while the Rat ran away to save his ass. No Matter, This was more then the single life of one young women or the assault of many others. This a was war, casualties had to be expected.

There wasn’t a fraction of the outrage at this behavior. Ted Kennedy was lionized as an icon. After his death, there were suggestions that Mary Jo’s death was worth it.

At the Huffington Post, Melissa Lafsky mused on what Mary Jo “would have thought about arguably being a catalyst for the most successful Senate career in history . . . Who knows — maybe she’d feel it was worth it.”

No doubt

President William Jefferson Clinton was quite the pole cat, long before the infamous  Monica Lewinski scandal there were many other women. If he had been a Republican President he would have been toast.  But…the Press and Hillary roasted these women. They were sacrificed for the cause.

This is what Ms. Nina Burleigh had to say back in the nineties.

“I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their Presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”[50][51] Referring to the comment in a 2007 piece for The Huffington Post, Burleigh wrote, “I said it (back in 1998, but a good quote has eternal life) because I thought it was high time for someone to tweak the white, middle-aged beltway gang taking Clinton to task for sexual harassment. These men had neither the personal experience nor the credentials to know sexual harassment when they saw it, nor to give a good goddamn about it if they did. The insidious use of sexual harassment laws to bring down a president for his pro-female politics was the context in which I spoke.”[52

They tried to give a “G-D damn about it.  But being harassed and assaulted by powerful democrats was the price women felt they had to pay for their “pro-female politics”.

Remember Al Gore and the sexual assault allegations that were made against him. You don’t?  Well he’s a man trying to save the world from climate change. Woman just take one for the team!  Shut up!

Now even George H.W. Bush has been called out for sexual assault from his wheelchair.

But Women don’t seem to be taking it anymore from seemingly powerful men regardless of political affiliation or to advance their careers.

Times have certainly changed…and it’s about time.


There was no mail at my house yesterday.

At first I thought that the mailman just hadn’t shown up.

Then It dawned on me that yesterday was Columbus day.  You remember that murdering white European who came to the Americas and brought nothing but death and despair to all the indigenous people of the Americas. And that despair is with them to this day. At least that is what they tell us.

Columbus is not politically correct.

So I was surprised that the Federal Government was still observing it. But it does mean a day off.

So many have stated that Columbus day should be abolished and replaced with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Well why not.

indigenous peoples day.jpg


Witches against Trump


Witches rely on illusion and magic spells which is one reason the “left” loves them and wants to utilize their talents.




It’s in all probability that no one will be surprised that the “witch” community was thoroughly melted away after a bucket of cold water was dumped on them during the last Presidential election. After all, one of their own was going to be President of the United States. The swarm of flying monkeys news media was tasked to spread   the poison narrative that the election was in the bag.

Well Witches were not going to take this lying down so they have decided to stir the cauldron against Trump.


The Left ridicules Christianity, embraces the occult.


Thankfully a house landed on her last November.