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And one year ago today.

I didn’t anticipate it. I voted for the man but I already knew that Vermont was a lost cause. I waited in dread that the evil witch would be crowned Queen Bee of America.

But the rest of America remembered what Vermonters have long forgotten.

After eight years of Obama America might have been saved at the last possible moment.

A nice little video of the build up.

A full year… seems like yesterday.

100 years ago today

The world watched and Satan smiled.

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From J J. Sefton.

It’s also the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Sunday was supposed to have seen the glorious cadres of Antifa storm the White House and raise their swastika, er hammer and sickle, er whatsits on the flagpole and declare victory over whitey, or something. It fizzled. That said, considering the GOP softball team, Mandalay Bay, Sutherland Springs and Rand Paul – yes I am including all those things so sue me – as well as what’s happening on campuses and the looming nexus of the Left and Islamofascism on our shores, we ignore these bastards at our own peril. No matter what, our country and its sacred institutions have been so thoroughly damaged over the past 50-100 years (especially the past eight) that despite the complete failure of communism and socialism that has ruined nation after nation and caused the death of at least 150 million people in less than a century, the school systems are still infested with diehards who are mind-raping another generation of our children. That has to be stopped, some way, somehow. And that’s the real war we have to fight. Or elections don’t mean a damn thing. That said…


One of the saddest byproduct of WW1 was the collapse of Tsarist Russia. Led by a decent but totally clueless Nicholas II and  a Russian army led by incompetent Generals fighting a 20th century war with 19th century tactics.  Russian solders died by the millions. The economy of Russia which had been doing fairly well prior to the outbreak of WW1 was devastated by the war. This of course led to a perfect storm of conditions that led to the overthrow of the Tsar in February 1917.

Unfortunately Through a series of missteps the Provisional Government was itself overthrown in November  of that year. The opportunity of creating a truly representative democracy in Russia was crushed. Replaced with the so called dictatorship of the proletariat.  This endured for the next 74 years until Dec. of 1991 when it all came tumbling down.

In the meantime we had the spectacle of show trials , mass executions, and Gulags.  The Gulags provided the slave labor that enabled the Soviet State to become a world superpower in such a short time and during WW2 was able to drown the Nazi armies in a sea of Russian blood.

The least of  a Communist dictator’s worry’s is public opinion.

Could such a revolution happen in America?  The truth is that unlike the violent take over of Russia that happened in ten days. America has been experiencing a slow motion revolution since the 1930’s.

Six phases from freedom to misery.

Scarcity, terror, and the mass murder of more than 100 million victims are communism’s main contributions to human history. As we mark the centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia on November 7, we should never forget that legacy. Communism is a fount of human misery and death. Few today really understand what that system of so-called government is all about.

In a nutshell, communism enforces a privileged elite’s centralization of power. This means it always puts too much power into the hands of too few people. They tend to weasel their way into power as their ventriloquized agitators use talking points like “justice” and “equality” while promoting a false illusion of public support.

And then there is this.

More than four-in-ten U.S. millennials would prefer to live under socialism than capitalism, according to a new survey by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.

When given the choice to pick a preferred system of government, 44 percent of millennials responded that they would rather live in a socialist country while another seven percent opted for a communist state. Capitalism, on the other hand, was preferred by 42 percent of millennial respondents, with the remaining 14 percent split evenly between fascism and communism.

“Communism isn’t back: It never left. We simply forgot about it.”

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Now it not that there hasn’t been knowledge of the atrocities of Communism/Socialism, in Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, North Korea, and lately in Venezuela.  There are dozens of books and documentaries widely available to read and view.  Have millennials ever bothered to read and study them? One thing is likely certain, their college professors political commissars certainly don’t encourage it.

These idiots should go live with the people of Venezuela for six months.

Share equally the misery.



There was no mail at my house yesterday.

At first I thought that the mailman just hadn’t shown up.

Then It dawned on me that yesterday was Columbus day.  You remember that murdering white European who came to the Americas and brought nothing but death and despair to all the indigenous people of the Americas. And that despair is with them to this day. At least that is what they tell us.

Columbus is not politically correct.

So I was surprised that the Federal Government was still observing it. But it does mean a day off.

So many have stated that Columbus day should be abolished and replaced with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Well why not.

indigenous peoples day.jpg


Memorial day 2017

To all our servicemen and women who gave “their last full measure” for our freedom.

Machinist mate 2nd class (gunner) Loyce Edward Deen.  Buried at sea in his TBF Avenger.

Least we forget. Memorial day is more the just the unofficial start of summer.  It is a day set aside for those who never came home.

Remember and Honor.

It’s April 22nd 2017


And a very happy birthday to Vladimir Lenin.   Who just happens to share is special day with…

Earth day…because green is the new RED!!!

100 years ago today.  The February Revolution had taken place. The Romanov’s 300 year reign was over.  Russia was undertaking it’s first experiment in Parliamentary democracy.

This bastard would make sure it was stillborn.

None the less his successor the wisest of the wise foresaw the future. Set his people to if not exactly protecting the earth, to moving lots of it, by hand.

It’s Earth day, Shovel ready jobs anyone?