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Snow on the 9th of May

45 degrees F. in January and February is warm.

45 degrees F. in May is COLD!

What a wet, cold, miserable spring.

On well.

Looks like this pattern is going to continue for awhile.

Springtime for Bernie and Socialism.

Small changes are coming.

Hello from deepredpond.

Yes, it has been awhile since I have posted anything.  But due to circumstances beyond my control I just haven’t had the time to do it. And it’s certainly not for lack of interesting events to comment on.  is changing to . This small change of address will allow my site to utilize the “disqus”  plugin that will make commenting much easier to the perhaps less then a dozen people who take the time to read my little blog.

So, no I’m not quitting. Just on a hopefully short hiatus.

Keep watching.



Mr. Spock’s head would explode.

From American Thinker.

Getting water to California’s central valley farmers isn’t as important as protecting the delta smelt. It’s okay if wind turbines kill 4200 bald eagles each year.

Saying all lives matter is racist. Saying only black lives matter is not.

Russia revealing secrets about Hillary is evil. Hillary putting highly classified data on an insecure server is fine.

Exposing Hillary’s secrets is a foreign coup. The NYT’s revealing highly classified anti-terror programs is heroic.

WikiLeaks is a source for truth justice and the American way if it’s exposing critical national security programs that have nothing to do with domestic surveillance. WikiLeaks is an agent of fascism if it reveals anything that Hillary wants hidden.

Electoral college electors ignoring how the people voted in their state is true democracy.

A lot more examples about liberal logic.

Read the whole thing.

Arnold & Jose RIP

Things seem to happen in two’s don’t they.

Two figures in the world of sports left us very recently.

Arnold Palmer passed away at 87. He came from humble origins. Learned the game of golf from his father, the groundskeeper and club professional of a golf club in Latrobe Penn.

He’s credited with changing golf’s image from a sport of the rich and elite to that of the common man. He won many tournaments. He was a giant of his sport in his era, and did much to popularize golf around the world. He had legions of fans.

He was still doing television commercials into his eighties.

His life was without scandal, and he lived to a ripe old age. RIP.


Jose Fernandez and his mother escaped the hellhole known as Cuba on their fourth try.  He spent time in jail for the failed attempts.

During the last attempt his mother fell out of the boat, he rescued her. He was fifteen at the time. They made it to Mexico.  Then to the U.S.A.  He became a citizen, the correct way.

He loved baseball, he was a pitching prodigy. He was the star of the Miami Marlins. He was a millionaire (and he earned it). He was admired by everyone, especially his fellow Cubans in Miami. He loved life and had a baby on the way. Life was good, then it was gone, for a stupid stunt of riding (or driving) in a boat at a high rate of speed in the middle of the night.  Well, we’ve probably all done stupid things in our youth. Of course we’re still alive to remember them.  He was 24.

Gone too soon, and one can only wonder what might have been.  RIP.