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Rock isn’t quite dead yet.

Compare & Contrast:

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But really,  being that Hill and Bill own at least four mansions or more how often is the possibility that the two of them are together in one.

Hill and Bill…?   Hillbilly(s)…. from ARKANSAS!

Hillary kept  her eyes on the prize, being dictator of America being the first woman President, but the things had to swallow…or did she delegate that job to others.

At least their chickens are finally coming home to roost.


A little something I ripped off

  From Ace of Spades

 The Morning Rant


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“Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg claims that ‘sexism’ played a role in the 2016 election. My question is, how does she know this? How does she know for sure Hillary didn’t lose the election because she’s a lying scrunt with all of the appeal of a bed sore who is up to her ears in corruption and that people are basically sick of her, hate her guts, and just wish she’d go away?”
I’m Old Enough To Remember This:

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