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The Unified Field Theory of Madness

By John C. Wright

Do not be deceived: Leftism is an enigma. We need a theorem that explains not one or two aspects of Leftism, but all their traits.

The theory must explain, first, the honest decency of the modern liberals combined with their astonishing indifference, nay, hostility to facts, common sense, and evidence; second, it must explain their high self-esteem (or, to be blunt, their pathological narcissism) combined not merely with an utter lack of accomplishment, but with their utter devotion to destructiveness, a yearning to ruin everything they touch; third, it must explain their sanctimoniousness combined with their applause, praise, support, and tireless efforts to spread all perversions (especially sexual), moral decay, vulgarity, and every form of desecration; fourth, their pretense of intellectual superiority combined with their notorious mental fecklessness; fifth, it must explain both their violence and their pacifism; sixth, the theory must explain why they hate the very things they should love most; seventh, the theory must explain why they are incapable of comprehending an honest disagreement or any honorable foe.

And, while we are at it, if we could also explain why the Rich, who are routinely vilified by the Left number among its most ardent supporters, or the secular Jews, our theory would be very potent in its explanatory power.

This is a somewhat long essay but rest assured it will be well worth your time to read it all.


Some other tidbits…

Thanks to the Mass Media, you can live in the richest nation in the history of forever, and believe that poverty is overwhelming. You can live in the least imperial nation of all time, and denounce it daily as imperialist. You can live in the one nation, out of all of infinity, which grants the best opportunities and bends over backwards to offer education and jobs to women, blacks, Jews, and immigrants of all colors and backgrounds, and denounce it as systematically racist. You can live in the nation where there are fewer Fascist White Supremacists than there are members of the Flat Earth Society, and yet believe that the brain of Hitler kept alive in a jar in Brazil is about to give the order for a sudden Aryan insurrection, and the blacks will be strung up from lampposts as far as the eye can see tomorrow. Meanwhile the real fascists who are really committing real atrocities, and are indeed leaving corpses as far as the eye can see, the social cues tell you that these are kindly people devout to the Religion of Peace provoked by the evil Jews, who only want to fly kites under the benevolent and avuncular leadership of Saddam.

I say again, all these beliefs are not only false, they are the diametric opposite of truth. Maintaining the system of social cues and self-hypnosis necessary to believe and eat and inhale all this pure manure requires an immense effort. What happens when a trace of reality creeps in?

What happens when the theory fails, but the option to abandon the theory is not examined?

Simple: the theory holds that the theory cannot fail. If life does not cooperate with the theory, life is wrong, not the theory. Remember the basis of Leftist moral theory, that the wheel of life is crooked, and the game is rigged by evil conspirators. So when the game of life gives the wrong answers, what else? Blame the conspiracy. Who else? Blame the Jews.

It’s too bad that you never get to see such writing in our local newspapers. The people that really need to read this likely never will and as such the author is “preaching to the choir”.

Nevertheless it’s beneficial that we Conservatives know not only the monster that is ‘progressivism’, but to also really know ourselves and the reasons that we can never give up the fight.

Because if we do then liberty will end up something like this…

It is true that liberty is precious — so precious that it must be rationed.

VLADIMIR LENIN, attributed, Soviet Communism: A New Civilization

And it will be our self proclaimed “betters” who will do the rationing.

Even the “Huffpost” thought it was CRAP!

It certainly wasn’t  Scottish.

Via “Truth Revolt”

The Huffington Post isn’t known for its objectivity, but its published review of Darling of the Left Hillary Clinton’s book What Happened seems poised to change that. Posted to the Progressive site on Wednesday, Sam Kriss’s critique paints a surprisingly scathing portrait of a Marxist’s meltdown after a barely-missed chance to be President of the People’s Republic of the United States, and of her refusal to write honestly about it.

Kriss sets the tone of the piece with a not-exactly-complimentary title and tagline: “What Should Have Happened In Hillary Clinton’s Useless Book—  An artless and inauthentic memoir, written by the absence of Clinton.” Ouch.


When an ultra lib website trashes your book maybe it’s time for the Yoko Ono of politics to shut up go away and retire.

Right!! That’s not going to happen.

We all remember this:


Well, Hillary is going to be tormenting blessing us with her presence until the day comes when she’s loaded horizontally in the back.

What would America look like under Totalitarian rule?

Look no further then our college campuses.

From Frontpage Mag.

By Daniel Greenfield

There is a place in America where civil rights don’t exist.

The First Amendment doesn’t apply. Neither does the Sixth Amendment. (Never mind the Second.)  Not only Freedom of Speech, but Freedom of Association (NAACP v. Alabama) is under fire.

Snowflakes. Oversensitive. We’ve all heard those accusations leveled at college students. Are millennial college students really an oversensitive generation? Or are they right to be oversensitive.

Two types of people are sensitive; the entitled and the endangered. It’s reasonable to be paranoid about subtle social nuances if you live in a totalitarian state where the wrong word or look will be punished. Where someone is always watching for even the most minor acts of political incorrectness.

College students are afraid. And they should be.The average college campus with its speech codes, thought policing, violent protests and kangaroo courts has no resemblance to anything else in the United States of America.

Colleges are totalitarian states. And they are the blueprints of the left’s plan for the entire country.

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Woe the leftist, feminist Muslim who questions the dogma

Escape the reservation and they set the dogs on you.

Ms. Zana Ramadani  is just discovering this.

The feminist author of a German book addressing the plight of Muslim women in Europe has become the target of countless rape and death threats from German Muslims, been abandoned by her leftist friends, and denied protection by German authorities.

From the blog Truth Revolt.

According to experts, the responsibility for radicalised young Muslims — beside institutions like the mosques and Islamic organisations — rests with the [Muslim] mothers,“The daughters are brought up as spineless lemmings and the sons as princes,” Author said while criticising Islamic upbringing in an interview given to the German newspaper Die Welt.

“The sons can sell drugs, get violent, that’s not a problem for the mothers — family honour doesn’t diminish doing all that. However, the virginity of the daughter has to be maintained at all costs.” Otherwise the mothers have failed and brought dishonour to the family, says Ramadani in a conversation with the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung. [Author’s translation

Sometimes I wonder who is sicker, The Muslim fanatics who kill in for their cause. Or leftist who smile and look the other way.

Meanwhile down in Venezuela

Bernie likes to refer to the Scandinavian countries as “socialist democracies” that we should emulate. Their present problems with their “immigrants” notwithstanding. He talks on occasion about Cuba and it “free” healthcare its rule by iron fist not so much.

It end game might be commencing in Venezuela. A hell hole that has been in development over the last decade. The President of Venezuela blames the U.S. for all his problems. Gee,  Bush hasn’t been in office for 7 1/2 years. Who could he be talking about?

Either there will be a “crackdown” with mass arrests, imprisonment, and maybe more then a few people shot, or they government will be overthrown and a new day will dawn for the people of Venezuela.

Venezuela’s Socialist rulers were elected by the “poorer” masses through the politics of envy. People who worked hard and/or had talent, needed to have the wealth they had earned redistributed to the people who didn’t work hard or had no talent. This worked in the beginning, during which the rulers and their minions, the late Chavez, and now Manduro over time took control of the military, the courts, the civil police and of course imposed gun control

Read the following from American thinker.


To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher.  Socialism works until you run out of other peoples money, or beer. Which ever comes first