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All hail the People’s Cube.


From The People’s Cube.

The Peoples cube was recently deleted from Wikipedia. Don’t donate to Wikipedia. Let George Soros foot the bill.


So, a young son of the al-Blogunov tribe no sooner brings his university level komsomol government text home than I open it to ensure compliance with Party™ Doctrine and the Current Truth™.

Imagine my joy when I saw the commentary on the Second Amendment which corrects the erring views of the Founders with this much more progressive insight. First they quote the Second Amendment…

“Amendment II. (Militia and the Right to Bear Arms)

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
…and then they offer the korrekt interpretation of it…

“To protect itself, each state has the right to maintain a volunteer armed force. States and the federal government regulate the possession and use of firearms by individuals.”
It could hardly get any better than that, especially in its infallible progressive logic. You see, the states protect themselves by prostrating themselves before a federal government which regulates the means by which citizens of the states may arm themselves! This is exactly what “shall not be infringed” means in a living document.

Read it all and please check out the entire site.

I wondered when this would start.

I’ve written before about the paradox of Vermont being a deep, deep  blue  state, yet when it comes to gun control, in Vermont it has meant a steady aim on the target.

But of course democrats in Vermont can’t stand idly by and watch our sister blue states Massachusetts and Connecticut slap restrictions on law abiding people and  gun owners.

A group called “Gun Sense Vermont” is pushing for Universal background checks before anyone can purchase a firearm.

Gun Sense President Ann Braden said “Vermont’s current laws are simply not doing enough to protect Vermonters”.

I believe most Vermonters are able to protect themselves.

From the Times Argus

Putney Rep. Mike Mrowicki called Vermont “a place of great hope” as he called for action.
“I’m here to hold on to that hope and also hold out that hope to you. It may not be today or this year or next year, but we are going to pass this bill,” Mrowicki said. “Hopefully, that will happen before the next shooting of the week comes to Vermont. We will get these common-sense laws that reflect life in the 21st century and common sense and the common good.”
Mrowicki acknowledged that Vermont is a safer state than most. But he pointed to the 2015 slaying of a state social worker and the scourge of drugs as reasons to try and prevent guns from falling into the hands of those who should not have them.
“I can’t guarantee any law will work 100 percent of the time, but I can share that if this bill saves even one life, it is worth it, especially if that’s the life of a child and more so if that child is mine or yours,” he said.
Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, a Progressive and Democrat, reiterated his support for universal background checks as he called for civility and understanding in the continuing debate.

Lt. Gov. Zuckerman is patiently waiting his turn.

But maybe for the sake of argument universal background checks would be a good thing.

After all the State is in the middle of a drug scourge.  And Vermont is becoming more diverse. More African-Americans and middle eastern refugees are coming to the state.

Is this the reason for wanting  background checks?

Background checks, sounds so benign. But Progressives  must progress.

In my opinion I thought that gun control would be the 3rd rail of Vermont politics. So far it is for now. Even Libs who live on back country roads know that there are critters out there, both the four and two legged kind that may require maximum resistance. Especially when law enforcement may be a long way off.

A New York Man and his Son at their summer place in Vt.  once had a visit from the infamous  boys from Chelsea .

He showed them his Glock.  They ran away.  Later dug graves were found in the back of the building. Meant for the Man and his Son.

Thankfully not all Vermont democrats have lost their independence .

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Sears, D-Bennington, said he sees only a “slim” chance that a universal background checks bill will become law. The conditions that scuttled it two years ago, including his own opposition, remain in place, he said.
“I don’t see any difference. The fact remains that Vermont, according to the FBI, is the safest state in the nation in terms of violent crime. We have a lot of problems that we have to deal with in Vermont on a criminal justice basis, and I think that preventing violence is one of the most important things we could do, and I’m not sure that this bill would do that,” Sears said. “My committee is still made up of the same five members that we had two years ago, and there are at least three votes in the committee against it, including my own.”

Vermont is unique in one way, a pro 2nd Amendment blue state. For now. At least until it’s Zuck’s turn.

The Paradox of Vermont

The State of Vermont since 1962 has morphed from a conservative rock that never voted for Roosevelt to a looney tune liberal la-la land. The Democrats presently vying for the governorship are all trying to outflank each other on the left by advocating free healthcare (single payer) free college, and a $15 per hour minimum wage. And pay for it all by soaking the rich! That likely the majority of the rich are also flaming liberals might cause them pause, they are also no doubt quite adept at using every legal means at their disposal (tax attorneys) to lower their tax burdens be it income or property taxes.

So this will mean that working people, small business owners and homeowners  taxes will be going up if any democrat is elected.

Vermont is deep blue but when it comes to gun control it means shooting with a steady hand and well aimed. Private purchases? No problem. Concealed carry? No permit required.  Your not even required to tell a police officer at a traffic stop that you have one.

The caveat is of course is “law abiding citizen”.

Even flaming libs who live way out on a remote country road know that law enforcement can be a long way off should something like a home invasion by drug addicts looking to steal to support their habit occur. And note that Vermont has the worse Heroin and opiate  addiction problem in America.

For some though this still sticks in their craw.

Stupid Liberal Democrat (2)

Of course this is what the situation is now. If Hillary is elected and we elect a governor and legislator more in line with Bernie then with Ethan Allen it could all change.

So vote wisely this fall. That is if you care at all about keeping more of your hard earned money. Keeping your right to bear arms and self protection, and simply hanging on to the few freedoms you still have left.