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You might be a Progressive Democrat

Via American thinker.

Here is an interesting post that could apply to probably over half the voting population and over half the high school students of very deep blue Vermont.

Some samples.

If you lose sleep over a possible two-degree increase in global temperature over the next fifty years and believe that 97% of all climate scientists think the Earth is getting dramatically warmer due to greenhouse gases…and that buying a heavily subsidized Tesla will make things appreciably better, there’s a good chance you’re a no-windmills-in-my-backyard Progressive Democrat.

If you have no idea who Richard Lindzen, John Coleman, Bjorn Lomborg, or Freeman Dyson is, you’re probably a very Green Progressive Democrat.   

If you are passionate about protecting snail darters, spotted owls, and gray wolves but believe there’s a constitutional right to dismember a nine-month-old human baby in his mother’s womb, you are quite likely a Progressive Democrat.

If you cite Pope Francis’s comments about global warming and the environment, believing they come from one of the most morally insightful persons on the planet, but pay no attention to papal pronouncements concerning abortion and the family, there’s a good chance you are a Nancy Pelosi, cafeteria-Catholic Progressive Democrat.

If you support “diversity” but see nothing amiss with colleges and universities whose faculties are overwhelmingly leftist, or if you have no problem with major media that are similarly one-sided politically, you just might be a Progressive Democrat.

If you don’t know that the Progressive movement and the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, are closely connected with racist eugenics, you’re probably a historically illiterate Progressive Democrat. 

There’s more, check it out.

Does this sound like you? Or someone you know?




Reminiscing about Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Photos

Those two guys “Ski” and “Wayne” go back a long way. Back in 2004 they were on assignment from their employer to the twin cities.  It’s a part of the country much different from Vermont.   It is FLAT!

The downtown of Minneapolis is thoroughly modern. It has that mid-western fly-over feel.   There is the MTM statue of her throwing her hat in the air, on the exact spot as seen on TV.  Because it’s so damn cold in the winter most of the downtown buildings are connected inside with each other so customers  can walk from building to building without stepping outside. You also have the Mall of America which covers over 90 acres, has a 7 acre amusement park inside and is not heated because the multitude of people provide it. It even has it’s own weather.

What makes it different from other mid-western cities is that it’s dominated by libs.

Ski and Wayne had stories of driving around the suburbs and seeing the masses of Somalian refugees  that have immigrated to Minneapolis since 1991 with the assistance of the Federal Government.  Somalia at the time was wracked with civil war and famine. Basically it was a toilet bowl that hadn’t been flushed for a very long time.  Of course it was all done with the best of intentions.  No doubt that the majority of these refugees are decent people.  It’s the minority that can cause a lots of trouble.  Lib publications like  The Atlantic always try a paint a positive picture. If you do hit the link make sure to read some of comments at the end.

No doubt that most of the Somalis who are naturalized citizens their children who were born here vote Democrat.  But when push comes to shove to whom do their loyalties lie, to their adopted country or to Islam, to the secular laws of the state or to Sharia.

Of course by now most everyone’s heard about the unfortunate shooting in Minneapolis where an Australian women who was here to get married. was fatally shot by a member of the city police force.  The world reaction was predictable. Of course after it was learned that the officer was Somali, well now the big fear is backlash.

Always remember if a ‘white’ cop is involved it’s RACSIM!  If a police officer of color or Muslim, it’s training.

“Doublethink, (which means) the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” – George Orwell.

On a side note the Minneapolis Police Chief (a lesbian) had to resign.

It was a tough week to be a lib in Minneapolis.

Anyway here are “Ski and Wayne”








Backlash, or what goes around comes around.

Via  Ace of Spades HQ

Backlash: Right Wing Twitter Begins Digging For Dirt On CNN Employees [Warden]
—Open Blogger
Over the weekend, the hashtag #CNNDirt popped up in my timeline. I clicked on it and found that a Trump operative named Jack Posobiec had come up with a very simple and cost-free method of digging up dirt on current CNN employees–punch CNN into the search function of Linked In, then sift through the personal Twitter accounts attached to CNN employees’ Linked In accounts.

It didn’t take him long to find a CNN editor who’d tweeted out rape jokes and comments about how watching the movie, Roots, made him hate white people. The editor quickly locked his account, but the tweets had, of course, been preserved with screen shots.

I’m not going to name the guy here. He’s not an on-air personality. But I would like to point out that this is a natural and predictable outcome of the war on privacy and free speech that CNN journalists began when they decided to hunt down a Reddit user and threaten to expose him simply for posting a tweet that poked fun at their organization.

Low level, behind-the-scenes CNN employees now find themselves in exactly the position in which their management and on-air people have put conservative America–one of fear, frustration and worry that anything said on social media that could be construed as offensive will be used mercilessly by partisans to damage their careers and livelihoods.

This is not the world I want to live in. When I first saw that they’d embarrassed this guy, I laughed. I thought he was an on-air personality and at least a minor political player. After I realized he was just an editor, I cringed a little. I can’t bring myself to endorse it, but neither can I condemn it. This is what they’ve done to time and time again us and they won’t stop. What alternative is there?

Repeated appeals to reason, principle, and human decency have all been made. All have been in vain. The people who work in the media do not use the power that they wield–a power so great that it can drive every day citizens to suicide–with the care and thoughtfulness of adults.

They are ill-parented toddlers–self absorbed, thoughtless, careless, and happy to break anything that doesn’t suit their immediate purpose. These toddlers have found a box of kitchen matches and are busy lighting their sibling’s toys on fire out of spite, oblivious to the danger they’ve created for themselves.

Just as the toddler fails to realize that the fire he’s using can also burn him, so, too, does the media overlook that the very techniques they use can be turned upon them, and quite easily.

This is only the beginning of an ever-growing pushback, one that’s only going to get nastier and more ugly. And everything that happens is on them. This is the rotten, worm infested harvest they have sown and they’re going to be choking on it for some time to come.

Ace of Spades HQ is where I go to get what I need to know.  It’s a site I cannot recommend more highly.

There is “Open Blogger, Oregon Muse, and of course Ace “himself” among others.

Check them out.







Is Europe really doomed?

Well the odds are not in her favor.

After WW1 the old order of Europe was destroyed. The last of the absolute monarchies were overthrown. With millions dead the winning allies were in no mood to show magnanimity to the country they blamed for starting the war.  When the treaty of Versailles  that ended WW1 was imposed  on Germany even Marshal Ferdinand Foch who predicted with eerie precision that “This is not Peace. It is an Armistice for twenty years.” .

Likely WW2 would have still been avoided if it were not for the stock market crash of 1929 that sent the America and the world into economic depression.  Turned into the “great” depression by the policies of Hoover and Roosevelt. The great economic downturn was the catalyst that gave rise to Hitler and the Nazi party and also fuel Japans militarist into power. Japan was hit hard by the economic depression also.

So then came WW2, and in the end Europe and Japan were ground into dust. with close to 60  million dead worldwide.

Europe has been in the process of decay for a much long time.  For hundreds of years Europe has been wracked with wars that were sometime religious in nature but mostly that was the excuse given for kings to make war on their neighbors to grab land and resources. Saving souls for Christ was not at the top of the list.

But came the renaissance which was followed by the enlightenment.  A flowering of art and science and a questioning of the religious dogma of the day. The eighteenth century saw two revolutions that rocked the world. The American and the French.  Both extolled equality and liberty, but where in America it was mainly fought between armed combatants, in France Liberté, égalité, fraternité was  purchased via state terror and rivers of blood. One of the first acts of the revolutionaries  was the de-Christianization of France.

With the Industrial Revolution came upward mobility for many but harsh working conditions caused resentment and the devil exploit’s  any opportunity. If one believes that the writers of the Bible were guided by the hand of God then the writers of The Communist Manifesto perhaps were guided by the hand of Satan. Of course  Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels didn’t believe in Satan either.

After WW2 America rebuilt (the western half) Europe with the Marshall Plan. It also took on the responsibility of defending Europe against a Soviet Invasion. Freed from having to defend themselves they decided they could do Marxism Socialism the right way without the firing squads and Gulags. Free healthcare and education can be very appealing along with 30 days paid vacation.  And so what if you can’t find a job, the check would be in the mail forever. If a government is going to care for you cradle to grave, who needs God.

Christian Europe, who repulsed Muslim invasions in the sieges of Vienna in 1529 and in 1683 is no more. Decades of living the “good” life led to falling birth rates. Suddenly there were not enough people to man the jobs and pay the taxes  mass immigration from Muslim countries began in hopes that they would assimilate. They don’t.

The European Left, preoccupied with political correctness and climate change cannot and doesn’t want to see the threat Europe is under. Their hubris is without measure. They cannot admit a mistake. It’s their religion.

And Left wing America admires them and demands that we be like them.

Perhaps when the Muslims take over they will do away with shit like this.