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The proposed Vermont Carbon Tax

From    Are you ready to pay $0.88 more for a gallon of gas.

The Iron fist in a velvet glove.

“You want to intervene with the lightest step possible,” Heaps said. “You don’t want to have the government tell you how to produce less carbon, and how much to consume.”A carbon tax leaves it up to consumers to decide whether to live near their workplace, or whether to purchase an electric car. Economists prefer a carbon tax to a ban on carbon emissions, for instance, or a requirement that all commuters take public transit, Heaps said.

The tax would produce results, too, he said.

Cigarette taxes provide a good example of this effect at work, Heaps said.

“Raising the cigarette tax does reduce cigarette consumption,” he said. “With a carbon tax, you set the tax so as to reduce carbon to a [desired level], and if the tax isn’t high enough to get there, well, raise it again. If it’s set too high, then lower the tax.

“We’ve seen it time and again in markets, you raise the price, people will eventually consume less,” Heaps said.

The article goes to state that for Vermont to do this alone would be very bad economic policy. A carbon tax would tax everything, heating oil, propane, natural gas, not just gasoline. So there would be an effort to get all of New England on board.

If Vermont did this alone it would of course be a tremendous windfall for New Hampshire  gas stations all along their side of the Connecticut river.

The well-off will absorb it without to much pain. those below the poverty line will be subsidized.   So who’s left? That’s right. the bourgeoisie, the middle class.

This tax will of course be used to subsidize the building of the small to huge solar panel plots that are springing up all over Vermont.

And with “smart meters” installed on all homes the power co. and the government will know exactly how much power your consuming and when you use the most. It will make rationing that much easier.

The plan is to make fossil fuels unaffordable.

But why are we going through all this when it’s already to late to do anything about it.

Because the “transformation” (to socialism) must continue regardless.  An the peasants (us) had better comply…or else.




Here’s an idea.

Government is always in bed with someone or something, it all depends on which side of the political spectrum your on. If you favor dependable energy for consumers at the lowest possible cost, then your in bed with “big oil”

If your on a crusade to “save the planet” then you’ll be in bed with “big solar” and/or “big wind”. Obviously Gov. Shumlin is in between the sheets with both.  As this story attests,

But were told that the vast majority of Vermonters are on board.

A few apparently are not.

While this is going on protest abound against a pipe line to bring natural gas to Vermont.

The local newspaper recently published an editorial lamented that too many young ambitious young people are forsaking Vermont for “greener pastures”. Why, isn’t installing solar panels all over Vermont constitute a great career. We need Young adults to stay and work and PAY TAXES so Vermont can provide FREE HEALTHCARE for all the geezers until the State determines that they are not worth the cost and encourages physician assisted suicide.

Forbes magazine places Vt. at #42 in the nation for business. Energy cost and reliability are a big factor along with regulations.

I can certainly understand why farmers would want to lease some of their land for solar panels. It’s another source of income and perhaps a tax break to boot.  But..

If Vermont is going whole hog with being “Carbon neutral” and at the same time generating enough reliable low cost renewable energy to satisfy business to expand to provide good jobs for young people to raise families.   Why not eliminate dairy farming altogether. Blanket the pastures with solar panels. Fill them up. No more headaches over milk prices. And at he same time you’ve eliminated a major source of greenhouse gas. The methane from COW FARTS!

We just need more government coercion.  to save us from climate catastrophe. It’s just your freedom.




I was right! Imagine that

From my post of April 26th

“I fully expect that NASA and NOAA will declare that this past April the “warmest” on record.”

Well, here we are. The hottest on record.

Hit the link and behold.

There was snow on my car yesterday. My maple trees are just starting to bud. It’s probably warm somewhere, but not here, not yet. Maybe June.

April 26th 2016

Somewhere in Central Vt. Does anyone recognize it?


The ground is white with snow.  An hour after this picture was taken the roads were much worse. A lot of people have already changed over to summer tires. As did I.  Followed a 4WD pickup up a step hill, he couldn’t make it and had to turn around.  I made it fine with my car even with summer tires. Now I know why I see hundreds of these vehicles in the area.

I fully expect that NASA and NOAA will declare that this past April the “warmest” on record.

But there still seems to be some ice at the north pole.  Wasn’t it supposed to be Ice free by now?


Happy 146th Birthday Vladimir

Lenin is pleased to share his birthday with Earth day. Because Green is the new Red.


Photo from Moscow times

Even though we don’t execute enemies of the people climate deniers (yet) at least 15 progressive state attorney generals and the U.S. attorney general have actively discussed prosecuting enemies of the people climate deniers. Freedom of speech is slowly but surely coming under proper government  control with many large corporations seeing the light and getting on board. The Constitution is living and evolving, those pesky “negative liberties” are headed for the dustbin of history, and the government will finally have a free hand in doing what is best for the workers and peasants American people.

In the meantime government bureaucracy is doing its part.

Happy birthday indeed.

Climate Change and Solar farms

Driving through the state one cannot help but notice all the solar panel farms that have been constructed. I suppose that in comparison to wind turbines this is a better alternative.  They don’t make that low frequency hum and that whup, whup, whup, that I hear can drive some people batty. The wind doesn’t always blow but the sun is always shining. At least in the daytime. And if it isn’t cloudy. They are usually constructed in pre-existing fields so they don’t require 50 to 100 acres of forest to be clear cut and long access roads to be built. As an added bonus it means less space for those methane farting cows.

Of course I read recently that the carbon credits are being sold to Massachusetts and Connecticut. So they can lower their carbon footprint. To keep “our” electric bills down, they say.

Is global warming climate change real? Of course it is.  Why 12,000 years ago the spot where I’m typing right now was under a sheet of ice nearly a mile thick.  We’ve had the Roman warming period, the Medieval warming period. The little ice age, all before the industrial revolution.  We had global cooling in the 70’s, acid rain in the eighties. Remember “Our trees are dying ” mantra. Today they estimate they’re more trees on the planet then they’re stars in the Milky way and Andromeda galaxies combined. All those trees need CO2 to live.

My own opinion is that “climate change” and “saving the planet” is nothing but an excuse for “Progressives” and Democrats to rail against free market capitalism and place more government control on more aspects of our lives and our pocketbooks. What is encouraged now will eventually be mandatory.  It’s not going to accomplish a damn thing but they will feel good about themselves, and have a little tighter grip on our leashes.