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It’s almost football season.

Do you like divisive politics mixed in with your pigskin.

You may not have a choice.

From American thinker

The whole thing started last year when San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat out the traditional pre-game playing of the National Anthem.  Fans, outraged that he wasn’t fired outright or at least benched under a “sit for the Anthem, sit for the game” policy, abandoned pro football in droves.  Kaepernick was released by San Francisco later in the year, and since then, no other NFL team has picked up his contract. 

Now both the NAACP on one side and pro football fans on the other are calling for a boycott of the NFL.  This has put the League in a “damned if you, damned if you don’t” situation and given it a headache of Solomonic proportions.

Read the whole thing.

By they way my friends Ski and Wayne were commenting on this subject just the other day.

What will Google do next?


A video from Paul Joseph Watson

Lets get down to the nitty gritty, “Google” is the internet, and “Youtube” had no real competition.

My little blog is but an insignificant minute speck in the vast universe of cyberspace. I’ve likely more eggs in my refrigerator  then I have readers. I’m only a dim red dwarf star of which they’re many, far outshined by the stars much bigger and brighter. I’m not monetized. There is no financial incentive for me to do this.  It’s something I enjoy doing when I can find the time.

I utilize Google apps. They know about my blog. But I’m such a Pissant they likely won’t bother with me.  But it is a bit disconcerting to be on a company platform that claims to be open the  free flow of ideas and opinions except those that differ from their own.

We have seen what happens when a thought criminal is discovered in their midst.

Now here is a book that every high school student should read.

A review and sample.

These days, “racist” is the favorite smear word for the ideologically intolerant. I think the term itself is silly and ultimately meaningless, but it’s not a word that scares me like it appears to cause testicles to leap out of nutsacks and hit the floor running nationwide. But my interrogators—or, just as often, my accusers—hardly ever seem to be looking for explanations. They don’t even seem to know the difference between scientific inquiry and the Spanish Inquisition. Rather, they seem hell-bent on using a rusty knife to pry open my cold heart like a stubborn oyster shell to discover the boundlessly irrational primal HATE they are certain throbs inside. True believers that they are, they take it as an article of faith that evil lurks within the hearts of those who don’t think like they do, and goddamnit, they’re going to find it whether it’s there or not.

Sounds like a very interesting read. No doubt it will be banned in high schools and college campuses. The people who should read it likely won’t.

This BUDD’s for you!

Many years ago when I was just a wee lad, the year was 1959 and it had been announced that the Budd car passenger rail service up the Connecticut River from White River Jct. to St. Johnsbury was to be terminated. This was several years before Interstate 91 even crossed the Mass. border into Vermont but by now the automobile was king. It was just not profitable anymore. My Parents decided to take me on the last run to give me the experience of riding a train. I remember still watching my Aunt and Uncle follow us in their car up Route 5 which ran parallel to the track. It was great fun. After that rail travel went extinct.

Fast forward to today.

From the Times Argus

MONTPELIER — “Back to the Future” is how officials described the return of an old technology to power a future transportation system with the arrival of 1950s-built, independently powered rail cars in the Barre-Montpelier area on Tuesday. 

The Budd rail diesel cars — or Budliners — are among 10 purchased to run passenger rail service in both central and western Vermont that could pave the way to meet net zero-energy emissions goals in the state.


The driving forces behind the program are venture capitalist David Blittersdorf and Montpelierbased Net Zero Vermont.

Blittersdorf is the former CEO of NRG, a successful wind-energy company, who subsequently launched AllEarth Renewables — both based in Williston — to build energy-efficiency enterprises that reduce fossil-fuel demand and slow climate change.


“The vision of the future is that we have to get back to mass transit, we have to get back to train, so I call this ‘Back to the Future,’” Blittersdorf said. “What settled Vermont, what settled the U.S. and even the world were the rail lines and the river and boat traffic.”

He said the old technology would make a comeback because it’s the most efficient way to move people and freight.

“Vermont is so small and we can innovate. With the rail, we are going to lead,” Blittersdorf added.

He spent over $4 million to buy 12 Budliner rail cars from a Texas company that had restored them. The cars are individually powered by diesel engines and do not require a locomotive to pull them. The cars can carry 80 passengers and provide an alternative to people driving cars.

Additional photos here.


So basically what we have are buses that run on railroad tracks. That Mr. Blittersdorf used his own money to purchase them is commendable.

The only problem with rail is…and now don’t get me wrong,  I’ve a lot of experience with railcars, and I have nothing against the concept of mass transit,  is that unless your going to have a flexible schedule, i.e. a single RDC leaving Barre-Montpelier every hour for Burlington, and vice versa, people are forced to accommodate their schedule to the trains.

And after you arrive at your destination and your job is miles away from the rail station…TAXI!

And a little bit more of your freedom disappears.

Since the RDC’s will be going back and forth on a single track,  and sharing it with freight trains and Amtrak safety will need to be of prime concern. These cars were built in the 1950’s, will they be upgraded with 21st century technology? That won’t be cheap.

Will there be  local and express trains? One stopping in every town and one direct to the big city?

What will be the price of tickets? What happens went the novelty wears off. What happens if the whole enterprise is awash in red ink? Every rail service in the entire world requires subsidizes i.e. taxpayer money.

But remember, we have to save the planet,

Well, I wish them luck in their endeavor. While riding the rails one will be able to look out the windows and see acres and acres of corn and cows solar panels may not be as green as you think.

I will be looking forward to giving it a ride someday. If only to reminisce about that day long ago.  And what America was.






From the Gorilla Pundit

talking ape.jpg

“Of course they’re not going to be stop with a few Confederate generals. They’re just getting started. Pretty soon it will be all statues. Then it’ll be movies. Then books. They’re on a roll and they’re not going to stop until they’ve turned the entire country into ‘Fahrenheit 451’, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and ‘1984’ all mashed up together and managed by Google”

From the blog Ace of Spades.

The Morning Rant


We are in a “cold” civil war!

By now you’ve probably heard about the engineer from Google who published anonymously his manifesto on diversity. Well he is anonymous no more.

He is also been Fired.

Remember when those bakers refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding because it was against their religious beliefs. Well they lost everything.

But apparently political beliefs trump (no pun intended) religious beliefs as bakers in California refused to bake a pro Trump birthday cake for a nine year old boy.

Then we have the fat bottomed girl overhearing airline flight attendants expressing their opinions about “”Trans” people. She ratted on them to their bosses.

And “free speech” on college campuses is an oxymoron .

“Live and let live”. “Agree to disagree”. That’s no longer possible in this time of political correctness gone amok. When expressing an (incorrect) opinion can cost you your job.

This is not the America that I grew up in, but this did not happen overnight.

Today the so called Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are no different then  the informers that infests the neighborhoods of cities, towns, and villages in places like Cuba and Venezuela, The old Soviet Union and the eastern bloc of Europe during the cold war.

People my age remember McGruff the crime dog.  Neighborhood watches were formed and people who observed criminal activity would report it to police.

Now thinking the wrong thoughts can land you in very hot water.  Throwing climate change deniers in jail  was proposed in several quarters.  And thinking the wrong thoughts about LGBT?  Better to keep your mouth shut.

Which is precisely what they want.

America is at war with itself.  And the election of Donald Trump has only intensified it. During the reign of Obama the conservative cause was restrained by civility and the rule of law. the Left knows no constraints.

But perhaps things are slowly changing.

We can only hope.