There is usually something that they always leave out

I’m very curious, When Mr. Danziger drew this political cartoon was his description of “that guy Morales” referring to an actual solder named “Morales”  or a composite of someone else.


I think that it’s possible that he was referring to this:

Spencer Woodman


ICE has arrested a U.S. army veteran who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and has two U.S. citizen children. His name is Miguel Perez Jr. and he has lived in the U.S. since he was 8 years old  Via Chicago Tribune

But one should remember there is always “The rest of the story”

After his military service, Perez sought treatment at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Maywood, where doctors diagnosed him with post-traumatic stress disorder. He was supposed to return for more tests to determine whether he also had a traumatic brain injury.

In the meantime, he reconnected with a childhood friend who provided free drugs and alcohol. On Nov. 26, 2008, while with that friend, Perez handed a laptop case containing cocaine to an undercover officer. Perez pleaded guilty to the drug charge and served half of a 15-year prison sentence.

While Perez was convicted of delivering less than 100 grams of cocaine, prosecutors have said he was arrested for delivering much more and received a reduced sentence after a plea deal. Prosecutors also pointed out that Perez was given a general discharge from the military after a drug infraction.

Perez said he discovered the citizenship oversight when he was summoned to immigration court shortly before his September 2016 release from Hill Correctional Center in Galesburg. Instead of heading home to Chicago from prison, Perez was placed in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Of course many took too twitter to denounce Trump,  his administration and  Republicans in general.

Only I don’t recall Trump being President in September 2016.


Why let other facts and circumstances get in the way.

Of an opportunity to bash Trump.