The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been corrupted.


I remember when the F.B.I. was looked upon with respect and admiration.

From its founding…


Remember watching this T.V. series.

Yes, there was a time when no one questioned the integrity of the F.B.I..


I’m sure that there has to be more then a few skeleton’s in the F.B.I.’s closet over the course of it’s history.

Like wiretapping Martin Luther King and recording his wild sex life but Bobby Kennedy had to give approval, which he did.

And of course there was that since de-bunked rumor that Hoover liked to relax in fish-net stockings.

But Now…

From J.J. Sefton via Ace of Spades

….the sad and frightening truth has made itself plain; the FBI must be completely dismantled starting at the top and working down to a level that is the least politicized, if such a level exists. When the agencies and people that we have to trust to protect us from threats foreign and domestic become the threat themselves, then we are at a crisis point in the life of this nation. I always knew that human nature being what it is, you are always going to have some level of biases, political and otherwise wherever you go. But I always thought that people who we trust to enforce our laws and with national security would keep those biases in check in the carrying out of their duties. As the eight year Obama reign of error has shown, and now out in the open for all to see who have their eyes open (the Media notwithstanding), we have an inordinately large number of people who do not respect the Constitution because they are part of the political movement in the country that wants to destroy it, so abrogating that oath is no more serious to them than stepping on an insect. In fact, between the media, academia and government itself, those who are the true believers in this movement and even worse, those who are in it just for the money, actually do consider We The People as vermin to be eradicated, politically and physically. In light of this, as I have stated many times and has now been amply demonstrated by the attitudes displayed by petty technocrats and bureaucrats like Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Sally Yates and all the the rest, heads have got to roll, figuratively if not literally.

America is under threat as never before because her enemies are the very people and organizations that were supposed to protect her.

The Sheep dog has morphed into an EVIL fox.

It’s going to be a wild ride!