A Cold Civil War…So far.

I remember from reading histories of the American Civil War that Abraham Lincoln was considered the devil incarnate by a good percentage of the population during his lifetime.

That’s hardly surprising considering what was going on in the country at the time.

I feel that America today to engaged in a “Cold Civil War”.  Whereas during the previous administration the mainstream media would piss their pants/panties like teenage girls at a Beatles concert whenever the light bringer gave them the privilege of basking in his radiant omniscience.

They had expected with unwavering certainty that with the election of the “smartest woman on the planet” She would finish the job of transforming the country into the socialist paradise they had all envisioned since college.

But on Nov. 7th 2016 came that kick in the groin they never saw coming.

With the election last year of President Trump the media’s world had been turned on its head and immediately  the mission changed to seek and destroy.

For over a year the democrats and their media overlords have been trying to bring down Trump. President Trump not only has the democrats and the media gunning for his scalp, he also has numerous  backstabbers from his own party.

In addition its come to light that during the eight years of the previous administration; law enforcement, the intelligence community, and the Internal Revenue Service were corrupted beyond recognition, and took sides.

There is a movie out about the Washington Post during journalism’s glory days publishing the top secret  Pentagon Papers. 

When I view that movie trailer I’m struck at how sanctimonious  they all sound.

Today the media has a political scandal right before their eyes that dwarfs Watergate.

But because the cesspool of corruption resides in the democrat party that 93% of journalist pledge their allegiance and money, the news is twisted, distorted, spun or just plain ignored.

America is at crossroads.

As of this writing the Federal Government is shut down, a shut down caused by the democrats who have chosen to force the country to accept over 800,000 dreamers who are here illegally over the hopes and dreams of young American citizens.

They want all of America to be California. And in California there is one party rule.  As  they used to say “as California goes so goes the country”.


But things today are not going exactly the democrats way.

Because in Nov. 2016 against all odds Trump was elected and our country may still have a chance of not falling into the abyss.