Some year end stories from the local partisan press

Dec.27th Marijuana voted top Vt. story

“A friend with weed is a friend indeed “

Dec. 28th Vt. opioid deaths up nearly 160 percent

Was the opioid crises this bad before Obamacare?

Dec. 28th Vt. health mandate considered

You will be one with the collective.

I think we should definitely look at it. Just the basics of insurance say that if only the people who are going to put in an insurance claim are the ones who buy insurance then insurance rates will have to go way up,” said Ayer. “So it makes sense that we need to look at who isn’t signing up and why.”

Al Gobeille is the secretary of the Agency of Human Services. He shares the concern of the legislative leaders and he plans to monitor this situation very closely this winter.

“ This is one of those conversations where again the devil lives in the details — exactly what would it be, how would it work, and what would be the scenario if we didn’t do it, meaning is there is a really good reason to do it?” said Gobeille. “ That would have to be measured and weighed.”

And if it turns out that a number of Vermonters do drop their coverage, Gobeille said the Scott administration will consider backing a state individual mandate.

Having health insurance is a good idea. So good that it must be made MANDETORY!

Dec. 28th   Vt. economic outlook bleak without changes

Vermont will soon mandate that life must be fair

“To get the trend lines moving in the right direction, we need to flip our thinking,” Cillo said. “We need to start with the premise that addressing the needs of workers and families is the way to a stronger economy, not than the other way around.” 

Cillo said the root cause of economic failure on state and individual levels was an economic model that was unfair, unjust and needs to be radically amended. 

“Income inequality dampens economic growth, reduces upward mobility and increases poverty,” Cillo said. “We can increase affordable child care, ensure a higher minimum wage, and reduce barriers to education and employment. Addressing the problems documented in this report will improve life for all Vermonters.” 

Our legislature should look to Venezuela for inspiration.

Vermont is screwed.

Comrades Bernie and de Blasio cruise the underground

Well, we still have a ways to go before we can catch up to California.