In a 2007 decision The Supreme Court of the Unites States declared the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a pollutant.  Under broad definitions It could be classified  as such. In  2014 the SCOTUS reaffirmed this decision but did pull the EPA’s reins back a little.

But can one make money from Climate Change? Of course.

Tax the shit out of it.

About 60 people gathered at the Old Labor Hall in Barre on Tuesday for a presentation, “Everyone’s Economic Opportunity in Climate Action, ” to discuss strategies for slowing down climate change and making money in the process.

Sponsored by Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and Vermont Natural Resources Council, the proceedings were moderated by Daniel Barlow, public policy manager for VBSR.

Of course it all starts with GOVERMENT.

Barlow explained the forum is aimed at bolstering planned legislative action to create a “carbon-pricing mechanism.”

Several bills have been introduced, including:

— H.394, an act relating to a carbon tax and cap and a trade study in the Joint Fiscal Office.

— H.531, relating to a carbon pollution fee in Vermont.

— H.532, relating to replacing statewide education tax revenue with a fee on carbon tax pollution.

— H.533, relating to eliminating Vermont’s sales and use tax and replacing it with a carbon fee on corporations.

The meeting raised the point that a carbon tax could help people with limited means.

“Low-income Vermonters are especially at risk due to climate change,” Barlow said. Therefore, he said, finding ways to leverage the situation into job growth is essential.

At least 19,000 Vermonters work in fields related to energy efficiency, such as Green Mountain Power employees, lawyers who represent energy efficiency, wind and solar developers, and wind and solar power manufacturing and installation, Barlow said in a telephone interview prior to the event.

The “clean energy economy” has grown while other sectors are struggling, he said.

Well it would stand to reason that the “clean energy economy” is growing when it’s subsidized by the government with other peoples money.

Where this all leads I have my guesses. It won’t make a difference in the grand scheme one way or the other. But people that have political power need to use it now and then.  For the greater good, of course.