We are in a “cold” civil war!

By now you’ve probably heard about the engineer from Google who published anonymously his manifesto on diversity. Well he is anonymous no more.

He is also been Fired.

Remember when those bakers refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding because it was against their religious beliefs. Well they lost everything.

But apparently political beliefs trump (no pun intended) religious beliefs as bakers in California refused to bake a pro Trump birthday cake for a nine year old boy.

Then we have the fat bottomed girl overhearing airline flight attendants expressing their opinions about “”Trans” people. She ratted on them to their bosses.

And “free speech” on college campuses is an oxymoron .

“Live and let live”. “Agree to disagree”. That’s no longer possible in this time of political correctness gone amok. When expressing an (incorrect) opinion can cost you your job.

This is not the America that I grew up in, but this did not happen overnight.

Today the so called Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are no different then  the informers that infests the neighborhoods of cities, towns, and villages in places like Cuba and Venezuela, The old Soviet Union and the eastern bloc of Europe during the cold war.

People my age remember McGruff the crime dog.  Neighborhood watches were formed and people who observed criminal activity would report it to police.

Now thinking the wrong thoughts can land you in very hot water.  Throwing climate change deniers in jail  was proposed in several quarters.  And thinking the wrong thoughts about LGBT?  Better to keep your mouth shut.

Which is precisely what they want.

America is at war with itself.  And the election of Donald Trump has only intensified it. During the reign of Obama the conservative cause was restrained by civility and the rule of law. the Left knows no constraints.

But perhaps things are slowly changing.

We can only hope.