You might be a Progressive Democrat

Via American thinker.

Here is an interesting post that could apply to probably over half the voting population and over half the high school students of very deep blue Vermont.

Some samples.

If you lose sleep over a possible two-degree increase in global temperature over the next fifty years and believe that 97% of all climate scientists think the Earth is getting dramatically warmer due to greenhouse gases…and that buying a heavily subsidized Tesla will make things appreciably better, there’s a good chance you’re a no-windmills-in-my-backyard Progressive Democrat.

If you have no idea who Richard Lindzen, John Coleman, Bjorn Lomborg, or Freeman Dyson is, you’re probably a very Green Progressive Democrat.   

If you are passionate about protecting snail darters, spotted owls, and gray wolves but believe there’s a constitutional right to dismember a nine-month-old human baby in his mother’s womb, you are quite likely a Progressive Democrat.

If you cite Pope Francis’s comments about global warming and the environment, believing they come from one of the most morally insightful persons on the planet, but pay no attention to papal pronouncements concerning abortion and the family, there’s a good chance you are a Nancy Pelosi, cafeteria-Catholic Progressive Democrat.

If you support “diversity” but see nothing amiss with colleges and universities whose faculties are overwhelmingly leftist, or if you have no problem with major media that are similarly one-sided politically, you just might be a Progressive Democrat.

If you don’t know that the Progressive movement and the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, are closely connected with racist eugenics, you’re probably a historically illiterate Progressive Democrat. 

There’s more, check it out.

Does this sound like you? Or someone you know?