Look at NORWAY!!! Now that’s commitment.


Vermont,  it’s time you stopped pussyfooting fooling yourself. Yes I know solar panel farms are sprouting faster then Pot plants, micro-breweries, wineries, and distillers combined.  Well your giving yourself until the year 2050 to achieve a 90% renewable energy goal.

How can this be reconciled with what the priesthood of science have proclaimed, that we only have 10 years left in which to save the planet.

Well compared to Norway, Vermont is still trying to get out of the starting blocks. Norway is going to ban the use of heating oil.  

The Norwegian Government hopes that the upcoming ban will result in a reduction of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions by 340,000 tons per year, compared to overall national emissions of 53.9 million tonnes in 2015. 

Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen said:

Those using fossil oil for heating must find other options by 2020. Recommended alternatives to oil-based products include heat pumps, electricity from the country’s hydroelectric grid and even special stoves burning wood chips. Additional measures could include limitations on the use of natural gas for heating.

Lets see 340,000/53,900,000  equals a .0063079777% reduction

That’s right. Now here is a little problem, Norway exports North Sea oil to earn revenue. Will they stop selling it? Wouldn’t that be like the drug dealer who sells his poison but doesn’t touch the stuff himself.

If I ran heating oil business in Vermont I might be just slightly nervous.

You never know what might be coming down the pike.