Has Bernie decided to have a party of his very own?

Apparently he has. Maybe.


From the  American thinker


He announced at the meeting of the People’s Summit held in Chicago this past weekend (and attended by a reported 4,000 people) that what he viewed as utterly necessary to “fix” what ails the United States which was the creation of a People’s Party.  With himself, of course, as its leader, standard bearer, and candidate.   

The People’s Summit which was organized by folks from the Bernie Sanders campaign and National Nurses United (NNU), a national nurses union with a reported 150,000 members.  The NNU was one of only six national unions to back Bernie over Hillary.  The Executive Director of NNU, RoseAnn DeMoro, is an active supporter of Sen. Sanders. Ms. DeMoro joined him on the stage after Sanders had finished speaking to the crowd at the Summit (many of whom waved professionally printed “Draft Bernie” signs).

How can you tell that Ms. DeMoro actually supports Bernie’s candidacy or the formation of a People’s Party?  Well, she managed to have her union donate $1,000,000 to Bernie’s failed 2016 presidential campaign. 

No matter how you want to look at it, $1,000,000 is a lot of support, especially when it’s not your money.  It’s money raised from her union members.  You know, nurses.  Those “underpaid and overworked” nurses.  So just how underpaid are they?   Well, they were only able to reach into their own pockets and accumulate $1,000,000 to give to Bernie Sanders.

Personally I doubt that anything will come of this. Bernie is 75 years old, even though he appears to be in good health he knows things can easily go downhill very rapidly and unexpectedly. Especially if he decides to really take on the Clintons and the Democrat establishment.

Time will tell.