Dissent is patriotic again.

It has been said in many times that the last time Democrats were this upset with a Republican President’s election was Nov. 6th  1860.

The last time the fight was over “States rights” and a “peculiar institution”.

Now it’s between two political ideologies. Progressivism A.K.A. Socialism, and Free Enterprise Capitalism.

I wonder what Franklin, Harry, and John would think of today’s Democratic Party.  There was no question that these men loved America,  WW2, Korea, and Vietnam all started or escalated under their watch.

The Democrat party has morphed into something truly sinister.  As the violence can attest. Most noticeably at Berkley, where a gay conservative speaker was denied his free speech rights ironically at the birthplace of the so called “free speech movement”.

But for the left it was always free speech for me but not for thee.

Those students were fighting the “establishment” then.  Now they are the “establishment”.

Violence is becoming the go-to tool in the Saul Alinski toolbox.

Democrats pay lip service to MLK but apparently is brand of non-violent resistance doesn’t cut it anymore with today’s progressives. I could be mistaken, but I have yet to hear any condemnation of the violence from any prominent democrat. Nothing from Pat, Peter, Bernie or Phil.

But their hatred is not just of Donald Trump and his policies. Their hate extends to everyone who had the audacity to cast a ballot for him.

To paraphrase Sally, They hate us, they really, really hate us.

They Control the media, they control academia, they control the culture and thanks to living in such an evil capitalist country they appear to have plenty of disposable income.

A second Civil War is raging as we speak.

Why couldn’t Americans have done the right thing and put Hillary in charge. In a few years we could have been emulating that most progressive country Venezuela.  The people in their wisdom swallowed the promises of the disciples of Socialism that said everyone would be equal, equally poor, exceptions being the leaders, the bureaucracy, and the enforcers of the law.

The Chi-Coms,  Iranian Mullahs and fat boy from N.K. wouldn’t be angry with us. They would be to busy laughing.

Donald Trump is President of a country as fractured as the one Abe Lincoln had.

Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be quite a ride.