The Times Argus has the vapors

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

The State of Vermont has elected a “republican” for Governor,  given him a “progressive/democrat for Lt. Governor, plus a large majority legislature to deal with.

Phil Scott waited his turn, but all he can do is tap the brakes a little while the state slides further and further to the left.

David Zuckerman Progressive/democrat, the Lt. Governor elect now waits his turn.

Progressives in Vermont are on the march.

The heartland of America wasn’t as enthusiastic.

The Times Argus editorial of Dec. 9th had this to say

In the presidential race, Donald Trump won about 46 percent of the vote, and Hillary Clinton won about 48 percent. Clinton’s lead of more than 2 percent does not translate into a victory, however. Because the Electoral College gives disproportionate weight to small states, Trump will become president on Jan. 20, elected by a minority.

What the hell is Vermont but a “small state”.

And I wonder how many illegal aliens in California after getting their drivers licenses padded the vote totals.

They also had this to say…

Trump has trashed democratic norms. One of the ways that Republicans secured victory in states such as Wisconsin and North Carolina was by imposing voter registration restrictions that disadvantaged African-American voters. One way to ensure minority rule, which the GOP has now achieved, is by robbing the majority of its voting rights.

Apparently Democrats, and this shouldn’t be surprising, think African Americans are just too stupid to get proper identification to vote. But I guess it stands to reason since African Americans get a lousy education thanks to Democrat backed teachers unions and no school choice.

And finally.

The democratic norms that make self-government work in Vermont are in tatters at the national level. Trump’s world has always been a narrow, self-contained world, bristling with hostility toward enemies or would-be dupes. The transition of democratic governance remains a farce tumbling toward tragedy.

Trump won by the same rules that have governed the nation elections since it’s founding.

America is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy.

And he beat one of the most corrupt politicians in American history. But you would never know that if all you read was the New York Times and the Times Argus.

Gatekeepers indeed.

  • Mannix

    The libs never saw it coming. They are “Bewildered” how Hillary could loose. There is an old saying: “If you are playing cards, and you don’t know who the “Mark” is, it’s you.”
    So much for situation awareness by the main stream media, culture and academia.